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Hello Everyone!

Ok, so I'm back. Finally. The holidays were their usual hectic selves, and moving into a new apartment/new city was a little crazy, and getting used to a new job was something less than calm, but I made it. And even made some comics!

While I was on my little getaway from comicking, I realized this tale of mine needed a little more back-story. So I crafted up a Prologue that I will be slapping into the beginning of the archives as if it were there all along. I only have two pages up now (cover and page 1) but I'll be putting the rest up as I go, and when it is done (only about 10 pages) i will be updating with Chapter 2.

Thanks to everyone that stuck around during my break. I really appreciate it, and I plan to have more comics than ever before coming up on this site.

See you guys in a few days, and remember to navigate in the archives to the Prologue to see the new pages.

posted by Nicoli Gonnella @ January 31st, 2010, 8:50 pm  -  0 Comments

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